Situated at the very heart of the Balkans, where the paths of many civilizations have crossed since ancient times, Serbia is a welcoming country with rich cultural and historic heritage.

From the vast Vojvodina plane on the north, offering relaxing holidays in small villages with family-run wineries, honey tasting, horse-drawn carriage trips, to the steep, snow-capped mountains on the south which offer many outdoor adventure activities.

UNESKO protected sites, five national parks, delicious cuisine, feisty Serbian spirit and world-class night life in Belgrade are just some of the reasons why Serbia should be your next travel choice.

Book a tour with us and

  • Fall in love with Belgrade
  • Explore the Austro-Hungarian Charm of Novi Sad
  • Taste wines by the Danube at Sremski Karlovci
  • Travel back in time in Drvengrad and Mokra Gora
  • Discover one of the grimmest places to visit : Skull Tower in Niš
  • Hear the legends of the Devil’s Town
  • Enjoy the nature in Tara National Park
  • Take a boat tour down the winding Uvač
  • Visit medieval Golubac fortress

Useful information

  • Capital: Beograd
  • Area: 88,499 km2
  • Population: 6,900,000
  • Currency: Serbian dinar (RSD)
  • National parks: Fruška Gora, Đerdap Gorge, Tara, Kopaonik and Šar Mountain
  • Time zone: GMT+1
  • International airports: Belgrade, Niš