Why Balkans

Stunning Natural Beauty

You can find some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe when you travel the Balkans. This fantastic small region has a lot to offer when it comes to natural beauty – sweeping mountain ranges, pristine waterfalls, sparkling turquoise sea, secluded beaches, crystal clear lakes and numerous rivers can be found around every corner of your journey. Looks of this marvelous place are like the postcard come to life. It is no wonder why the Balkan Peninsula is on most of the tourists bucket list, for many years now…

Long and rich history

The Balkans have a very rich and turbulent history.  Majority of the Balkans population are South Slavs, a tribe which started inhabiting Balkan peninsula in 6th century. Due to its geographic position at the crossroads of empires, it has been under the rule of many different conquerors who left their own cultural traces – Greeks, Romans, Venetians, Ottomans, Austro Hungarians. While the Venetians had profound influence on Croatian and Montenegrin culture, especially in the coastal area, Ottomans influence can be found on many architectural structures in Bosnia and Albania. The Balkans are usually presented as a frontier and a demarcation line of different traditions – Catholicism, Christian orthodoxy and Islam which indicates an incredible cultural diversity within such a small region.

Affordability and Safety absolutely assured!

The Balkans offers the best value that money can buy!

All southern Europe countries are much more affordable in comparison with the western and northern Europe destinations. The cost of transportation, accommodation, and food tend to make this region perfect for people who are on the budget.

Gastronomy lovers’ heaven

If you are a gastronomy lover, the Balkans is the perfect place to experience different culinary traditions.

The Balkan cuisine is a melting pot of different cultures and influences, and it could be described as culinary based on Ottoman traditional cuisine with the heavy influences of Mediterranean and Central European dishes and amazing fresh seafood in coastal

Balkan cuisine is noted for its diversity and intense flavours. Pickled vegetables, small hot peppers, and wide selection of cheeses are common ingredients while the traditional “sač” dishes, made under the large bell-shaped lid, produce the most tender meat one can ever taste.